Photo Booth Package - We do more.

Premium Print Features

All included with our package.

Print Guarantee

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Multiple Prints

Everyone in the picture gets a photo to take home. We don't print one photo and expect a group to share it. If you are in a picture, you get a copy - that simple.

Full Size Prints

Everyone can take home a 6x4 inch photo. We don't print tiny pics covered with our branding. We give you full size quality pictures.

Framed Photos

Every guest photo is framed on an A5 card mount. It's sleek black design creates an impact and screams quality service.

Roaming Photography

Take advantage of our ability to snap a photo of the whole party together or special moments that happen outside our booth.

Premium Editing Features

All included

Green Screen

Professional green screen photography enables you to choose different backgrounds for every group.

Specialised Photo Designs

Have a mini person in the palm of your hand. Drive a super-car or sit on an elephant - some weird and wonderful designs only we can create.

Over 100 Photo Designs

Choose from our fun colourful designs, sports cars, animals, cityscapes, VIP magazine & more. You can also take advantage of professional portraits or group photos.

Personalised Photos

Make it special with personalised designs or if you have an idea or theme we can see if we can make it a reality.

Large Capacity

We can accommodate large group photos. The whole team or family can have a photo together. And yes they receive a print each.

Other Features

All included


Including hats, wigs, sunglasses, mini white board for messages, moustaches & lips on a stick to name a few.


An extra photo of every group is put in a ribbon tied scrapbook for the guests to sign and the host to take home.

Digital Copy

A copy of all your edited pics to share and print as you wish, plus hundreds of photos from the camera to enjoy!

Facebook Upload

Your event photos uploaded to our Facebook page for you to easily tag and share with friends.

Video Messages

Your guests can leave a video message for you to treasure.

Premium Addon's

Special features for that tiny bit of sparkle.

The Booth in your Hand

Take your camera with you during your party or event, snap 20 favourite photos of your own, once you’re done, we’ll print them! A fantastic little service.

£10 per 20.

Personalised Banners

Have your names, images or event date on our banner surrounds to personalise the whole experience.


Personalised Frames

500 made to order frames for your prints. Include your Colour Scheme, Names, Date and Event to add a little bit of chic.


Video montage

We can loop all your images together with music in one easy to view short video.


Water Mark

Added to all your prints and edited images. We can include your names, event and date for a touch of class.


Check your date for availability and we will send you full details, package and prices.